My Mission: you craft, they craft. It's as simple as that.

The craft industry contributes around £3.4bn to the UK economy. I'm going to guess that very little of that money funds the creative life of children from deprived and marginalised background. I worked in Lambeth schools for the entirity of my career & saw art pushed to the bottom of the list time and time again against the demanding backdrop of raising academic standards. Art is proven to improve mental health; to improve outcomes. If we as adults are beginning to prioritize creativity for our mental health, why are we not doing the same for children?

As well as delivering amazing workshops for adults, I couldn't proudly call myself an educator without thinking of the kids.

I have a pretty simple mission: You craft, they craft. Every craft workshop or kit that someone purchases will pay crafting forward to a child. This will be through craft kits donated to schools. Craft kits donated to playcentres, children's groups, community hubs - all with easy-to-follow guides.

It makes perfect sense to me that if I have the privilege of people spending money on craft kits as gifts, self-care & self-expression: children deserve the same privilege too.