Meet the Founder

The Crafty OG, Annabelle Breakenridge.

Crafty Jezebels is a small, sustainable craft business - born in the kitchen of my little South London flat. I grew up in Brixton and live here still with my husband Leo and 2 sons, Bruce & Lennox. I crafted with anything I could find as a kid & was always cooking up a new craft enterprise; I'd run a little wheeler-dealer craft workshop for £1 for the kids on the estate I grew up on, raid poundland for materials and take home enough money each day to reinvest and buy chicken and chips (think cardboard glitter flipflops & embroidering your dad's stolen t-shirts).

What started as late-night crafting with jesmonite quickly became the seed of an idea (I'm a well-reknowned dog with a bone) and Crafty J was born. A school teacher of over 10 years and at a bit of a fork in the career road - I wanted to put my energy behind something I'd be proud to do - and for my sons to watch me build. I still get so excited at the start of a workshop to meet great new people & create a space filled with good vibes & creative possibility. 

The terrazzo & kid's kits are the love letter to my 10yo self & the 20something me who discovered cocktails and forget how much fun it was to craft. I would have loved to receive a box of creative possibility & mix up all the colours of my dreams!

From one evening workshop in the lovely den of Streatham Wine House, Crafty Jezebels has grown quickly in a more conscious, sustainable craft world. I now stock this range of amazing sustainable terrazzo kits (featured in The Guardian's Gifting Guide 2023!) designed to get crafting back on everyone's gift list. With help from a small team of CraftyJezebels teachers & assistants, I tailor workshops for brands, artisan festivals, charities, teams, gifts stores & special occasions.