Eco-resin craft kits & workshops

Bringing you back to that old-school giddy arts & crafts feeling.

A chance to reconnect with your creativity - sustainably! Learn to mix colours & cast with this emerging eco-resin. Create unique pieces from scratch. No more hiding wonky craft projects away; your beautiful creations will take pride of place.

Ideal for new & impatient crafters alike; no hanging around - your creation cures in just 30 minutes.

Perfect for kids, adults & all those special occasions.

What is Jesmonite?

If pottery & stone had a slick best friend... would be Jesmonite. Jesmonite is an eco-friendly. non-toxic resin. It's versatile as f**k; it can be used to create gorgeous, slick homeware - in any colour you like! It cures in 30 minutes. It's fun and easy to cast with and pretty much zero-waste. From marbling to terrazzo chips, this eco-resin creates a beautiful, stylish finish. Move over guys, there's a new craft in town.

Terrazzo Kit Contents

Jesmonite makes me feel like a designer, artist & scientist all at once - such a cool mix of hobbies. Each time you peel your creation out of the mould the satisfaction is so real & reminiscent of being a kid. It's like, 'F**k yes, did I just make that?!'.

Annabelle Breakenridge, Crafty Jezebels founder